Open Data

Sammlung öffentlicher Datensätze zum Thema openSea


ESRI: Open Data Deutschland


US: (US): Data Registry

National Weather Service: Weather Data from the US



ARGO: Global array of 3.800 free-drifting profiling floats 

ARGO: Marine Atlas

British Oceanographic Data Centre: Data Series: Collection of marine data sets maintained by BODC

ESRI: Living Atlas of the World 

European Marine Observation and Data Network: Marine geology

National Centers for Environmental Information: World Ocean Atlas

National Centers for Environmental Information: Shoreline / Coastline Resources

Natural Earth: Natural Earth themes on Cultural, Physical, and Raster category

Natural Earth: Downloads

National Centers for Environmental Information: Global Ocean Heat and Salt Content

Marine Regions: Shapefiles to different topics

OpenStreetMapData: Water polygons for oceans, seas and large bodies of inland water

Spatial Reserves: A Top 10 List of Useful Geospatial Data Portals